4 Technology Trends for the Modern-Day Kitchen

4 Technology Trends for the Modern-Day Kitchen


The kitchen renovation design game is definitely changing. No longer are cabinets, colors and layout the only considerations. 

The heart of the home has skipped a beat with new functionality that taps into modern technology while keeping tradition in mind. Keep ahead of trends in kitchen remodeling by considering these upgrades. 

  1. Mobile device charging stations. Smartphones and tablets often wind up at rest in the kitchen. That’s why charging stations are one of the fastest-growing trends in kitchen design. Forget about a tangle of chargers and cords cluttering counter space; instead, your portable electronics finds a home inside pull-out drawers and discreet cabinets, where they can charge without being an eyesore or getting lost in the shuffle.

  2. Professional-grade appliances. Home cooks increasingly expect the same performance from their appliances as the professionals. Professional-grade appliances such as steam ovens, fryers, induction cooktops and teppanyaki griddles give home chefs the tools they need to cook better and faster. Many new appliances include Wi-Fi capability, which allows them to be operated from another part of the home.

  3. Smart faucets. Faucets now have a mind of their own with LED technology that allows them to be tapped on and off by touching anywhere on the body or handle, or hands-free sensors that identify when an object is placed beneath the spout. Other models feature a pull-down or pull-out spout, spot-resistant finishes and Microban® antimicrobial protection to stop the growth of bacteria.

  4. Carefree kitchen surfaces. While beautiful, granite countertops require routine sealing to ward off stains and bacteria. Engineered quartz – created by combining 95% quartz with 5% polymer resin – now rivals granite in popularity because it is maintenance-free and available in dozens of varieties that look like granite or natural stone.

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