Improving Economy May Increase Demand for Remodeling in Virginia Beach

Improving Economy May Increase Demand for Remodeling in Virginia Beach

An improving U.S. economy may increase the demand for home remodeling… which is good news for Hampton Roads homeowners.

Here's a news item from the Lake Zurich (IL) Courier after a recent Home Building & Remodeling Expo:

Exhibitors voiced a cacophony of optimism for a better year because of the improving economy at the two-day Home Building & Remodeling Expo …”

They based their upbeat outlook on the number of what they called “serious” inquiries, leads and appointments they received. …

“The economy has been down too long and people have deferred their home improvement,” said Dave Hammerl, president of Stonecrafters in Lakemoor which makes, among other stone products, counter tops.

“Now that the economy is recovering, the next 3-5 years will be tremendous…" he added.

With competition for the sudden upsurge in demand likely to be stiff, homeowners should be able to look forward to a market flooded with choices. To make the right choice, choose a company that has built a reputation for quality and professionalism. In other words, give The Remodeling Company a call at 757-867-6800 or CLICK HERE.

Excerpted from Lake Zurich Courier; January 21, 2014

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